The event is organized by experienced CrossFit amateurs with collaborators.


In the Yyteri Sandstorm 2022 team competition, teams of two men and two women compete against each other in sports typical of functional training.

The sports measure the physical fitness, resilience and tactility of the teams. The teams compete in two series, the Elite series for athletes looking for extreme racing experience and the RX series for athletes enjoying team competition. Elite teams compete on two days and RX teams on one day.

Friday’s race arena will allow Elite teams to compete in the form of more traditional sports and equipment. On Saturday, all teams will compete in the familiar way on the beach of Yyteri. Yyteri’s unique beach offers new elements and tools compared to traditional functional training competitions. Competitors should be prepared in many ways, as the shoes will get wet and the sand will dust.

At the end of Saturday, the winners of both series will be crowned on the beach of Yyteri. After the awards ceremony, you are welcome to the party at the hotel’s nightclub!

For audience

Spectators are free to enter the event on both race days. On both days, the venue is the sandy beach of Yyteri near the Hotel.

During the competition, spectators will have free access to the area, so we expect a large crowd to enjoy the music played by the DJ, the spectacular sports and a day at the beach saturated with sun and sand. If you do not take part in the competition, book your seat in the auditorium. The beach restaurant Helmi in Yyteri Hotel serves not only as a race stand, but also as a quencher of thirst and hunger during a hot beach day. The framework on the Finnish Riviera is in order for both athletes and spectators.

After the competition, spectators are welcome to the closing party at the hotel nightclub!

The venue is Yyteri, the longest sandy beach in the Nordic countries, and the Virkistyshotelli Yyteri  in its immediate vicinity. The competition is held on the beach in front of Restaurant Helmi and in the surrounding area.

The weekend in the Pori area is exceptionally lively and accommodation can be difficult to arrange. We have arranged for competitors to stay at a campsite near the race arena. You can read more about Athlete Camping here.

The time of Yyteri Sandstorm is the first weekend in July 1-2.7.2022. In the Elite series, teams will compete on Friday and Saturday. The RX series sports will be performed in full on Saturday. There will be even tougher and more diverse competition for both series.

12:00 Registration
15:00 Friday race briefing
16: 00-18: 00 [ELITE] First  event
18: 00-20: 00 [ELITE] Second event

7:00 Registration
8:00 Saturday race briefing
9: 00-12: 30 [ELITE / RX] Morning events
12: 30-14: 00 Break
14: 00-19: 00 [ELITE / RX] Afternoon events
19:30 Distribution of prizes